Knowing our yesterday, Embracing our today, Learning for tomorrow, Being the best me I can be.
Wharenui School is a Duffy School.  Every year our children receive books from the Duffy Trust and our wonderful sponsor Owens Transport
Great Support
The Rewi Alley Chinese Centre is situated on our grounds and our year 4-8 children have the option of learning Mandarin in half hour sessions on Tuesdays. 
Mandarin is promoted as being the language of the future. During the weekend, the Rewi Alley Centre uses our school for lessons and becomes the largest Chinese Language Centre in New Zealand.
Wharenui School has a great relationship with What Now. We often visit Whitebait Studios and take part in their shows as well as having film crews come to school and shoot on scene. To the right is Camilla the Gorilla being shot in Room 6.
The Affinity Trust is linked to the local Community Church. 
They sponsor and support our Child Worker in schools programme – a youth worker employed to work with our children on activities and mentoring. 
Affinity Trust also run holiday programmes and holiday camps in which our children participate.
Social Worker in Schools: Our Social Worker, Sue Elliot, is based at Wharenui School, is available by appointment and can provide assistance in many areas.

Kids Can Trust:  We are very fortunate to receive assistance from the Kids Can Trust.

Milk In schools milk is available every morning
Breakfast is available every morning in the staff room at 8:30