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Reporting to Parents
At Wharenui School, we report on progress and achievement through our Three Way Learning Conferences (child, parent/whanau and class teacher). In June and November, children, parents and the class teacher meet together to share progress, next step learning and reset learning goals .
The information for this conference is based on the child’s Learning Portfolio which has samples of work, and next steps for learning. How Parents/Whanau  can help at home, is an expected outcome of the Learning Conference

National Standards reporting in Reading, Writing and Mathematics is an essential element of this conference.

Children who are in Years 1-3, have their progress reported regularly at 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 weeks.
Parents of children in Years 1-3 will be notified when it is their child’s report time.

Click on the appropriate link to find out how you can support your child’s learning.

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