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How to Enrol

We are currently taking enrolments in our zone, see our zone page  HERE

Children may start school at the age of five years. However, it helps us with our forward planning if children are enrolled at least 6 months before turning five. As well as your own children, you may have friends or neighbours in the area who have preschool children and could be encouraged to contact the school.

When enrolling your child, at age 5, or when changing schools, you will be asked to provide the following:

•    Full name
•    Date of birth and copy of birth certificate
•    Address
•    Telephone numbers
•    Family doctor
•    Immunisation status and copy of immunisation certificate
•    Emergency contact numbers. We need at least 2 in case of sudden illness or injury.
•    Dental treatment information
•    Any health information
•    Passport with Visa Status for children arriving from other countries
•    If your child has any health problems or allergies,
•    Any specific mediation (such as inhalers) can be named and held at the school office.
•    When children are transferring from another school, it would be helpful to bring along any exercise books or reports from the previous class teacher. This will help with the placement of your child.

Please contact the school to arrange a time to meet with Gretchen Smith our Principal.
New Entrant Information

When you enrol your child as a New Entrant, you will be invited to meet with the Principal to gain some more information about the school and make some times for pre entry visits.  These visits will allow you and your child to get a feeling for the layout of the school, see the classroom and meet the children, and get a taste of classroom routines.