Knowing our yesterday, Embracing our today, Learning for tomorrow, Being the best me I can be.
Wharenui Year 7 and 8s
Once a week Year 7 and 8 students Technology at Linwood college. Over the 2 year programme they cover fabrics and food and nutrition twice, Plastics, Wood, Metal and Electronics.

Every year the Year 7 and 8 students go on camp. They challenge themselves physically and emotionally to go out of their comfort zone and to collaborate with a range of different people and try new activities.
Aims of Camp: The aims of the camp come in three main areas

● Foster teamwork
● Develop leadership
● Developing communication skills in a new environment

● Develop independence
● Develop self-esteem
● Self confidence
● Growing and developing resilience

● Living together and caring for ourselves, safety in the outdoors
Physical Education:
● Walking
● Team Building activities
● Mountain biking
● Rock climbing
● Orienteering
● Swimming
● Recreational activities

Wharenui School does not send home homework. In the Kahikatea Hub the children have spelling words to learn each week and will take work home if it is not completed in class time.

Digital Learning
In the Kahikatea Hub we complete work on a class Google drive and are currently working with 1-1 devices.
This is helping students learn skills around digital citizenship, how to collaborate on Google docs with other students and how to present their work.
These drives can be accessed at home through logging into the students Google accounts and clicking on shared drives.