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Our People 2024
2024 Staff and School Organisation

All staff are available by email by using their first name.last
Please remember that our teachers have families and roles outside of school and may not
be checking their emails outside of normal business hours.

Leadership Team
Tumuaki/Principal: Tracey Young (

Deputy Principals: Carmen Aldridge and Janet Ackerley

SENCo: Anthony Ryan

Kahui Ako Across School Teacher: Kerri Bullen

Rito Hub Leader/Within School Leader: Ashleigh Kerin

Kowhai Hub Leader/Within School Leader: Cate Mallon

Kahikatea Hub Leader/Deputy Principal: Janet Ackerley

Rito Hub (Years 0 - 3)
Rito 1 NE/Year 1 Laura McKinlay
Rito 2 NE/Year 1 Jo Harrington
Rito 3 Year 1/2 Vicki Henderson and Olivia McKenzie
Rito 4 Year 1 TBC
Rito 5 Year 2/3 Ashleigh Kerin (TL)
Rito 6 Year 2/3 Monique Lee
Rito 7 Year 2/3 Rosalie Dyksma
Rito 8 Year 2/3 Alice Scoulding

Release Teachers: Jane Poff, Lisa Maree Nakon and Catherine McRae
Learning Assistants: Tina, Karen, Tash, Tai, Fathimath, Mickey, Marilou (ELL)

Kowhai Hub (Years 4-6)
Kowhai 10 Mon Ewan
Kowhai 11 Jason Hodzelmans
Kowhai 12 Anna Marshall
Kowhai 13 Cate Mallon (TL)
Kowhai 14 Becky Boyes
Kowhai 15 Libby Strangman

Release Teachers: Sue Vaughan, Olivia McKenzie, and Lisa-Maree Nakon

Learning Assistants: Rylee, Hanae, Cody, Gus

Kahikatea Hub (Years 7/8)
Kahikatea 16 Janet Ackerley (TL)
Kahikatea 17 Brydie Musson
Kahikatea 18 Sam Church
Kahikatea 19 Kerri Bullen

Release Teachers: Carmen Aldridge, Amanda Campbell and Anthony Ryan
Learning Assistants: Marilou (ELL), James, Prithika, Gus
Specialist ORS Teacher: Joyce Hurley
Office Manager: Helen Tuuta
Finance Manager: Kirstin Young
Caretaker: Daral Wallis